People come into counselling for many reasons. Sometimes events bring changes into our lives; often changes which we have no control over. This could be, for example, the end of a significant relationship, the loss of someone close or a career upheaval. These kinds of events can leave us feeling disempowered, lost, or fearful of the future. Some people come into counselling because they are aware of feeling stuck, depressed or unhappy. The reasons might not be clear to them, but they will, perhaps, be aware of not feeling fulfilled or satisfied in themselves or their lives. However, new ways forward may not seem clear.

Counselling offers a confidential and supportive place to explore these issues. Talking in this way can help us to understand and come to terms with what has been happening to us. Reconciling past experiences and relationships can be an important part of moving forward. Often making peace with ourselves is what is required.

For some people, brief focussed therapy of a few sessions is appropriate, to move through a crisis or transition. For others, inner changes are needed, requiring a deeper process of self – reflection.


Mark Kirwin

Donna Calway

Liz Garnham