Alexander Technique

Sessions in the Alexander Technique, can assist with a range of issues relating to stress, tension, back pain, injuries, mobility issues and more.

It is a gentle approach that involves verbal instruction and hands on contact to help discover new balance in the body and release of harmful tension. Sessions can help you to manage and alleviate pain, improve posture as well as help prevent issues developing further. Issues it can help include: Back, neck and joint pain, poor alignment, breathing issues, stress and tension, and more.
You do not need to be experiencing discomfort or pain to benefit from sessions. The Technique can also be helpful for enhancing mobility and overall performance in sports, the arts and activity in general.

Areas of imbalance can be identified as well unhelpful habits while working towards improving alignment, lengthening the stature, and thus increasing overall freedom and reducing physical ‘wear and tear’. The result can be an increased ability to move as we are designed, as well as develop a more mindful and effortless approach to our everyday activity.


Bel Spencer