About the Centre

At Monmouth Natural Health Centre we aim to provide a wide choice of complementary or holistic natural therapies to assist you in the process of healing. We believe that health is a condition of harmony and right relationship between the many elements that constitute our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When this balance is disturbed in any way then we become susceptible to illness and develop symptoms. A holistic approach to healing views these symptoms as inherently meaningful messages, signalling disharmony and informing us where and how we may restore balance.

Using techniques both ancient and modern, our practitioners strive to enhance the body’s natural vitality and capacity for self-healing. We seek to find the underlying cause of disease, rather than simply treating symptoms. The origin of illness may be very different in individual, although superficially similar cases and therefore, treatments may vary considerably. We advocate the active participation of patients in the healing process, encouraging taking a greater responsibility for our health.