Bel Spencer

Bel Spencer

Image of Bel Spencer providing therapyBel provides one to one sessions and group courses in Monmouthshire and has over fifteen years experience as a holistic practitioner.  Her key area of specialism is working with spinal alignment, mobility, posture and musculoskeletal issues with the Alexander Technique and Spinal Touch Therapy. Her aim is to help people re-discover the dynamic use of their bodies free of pain and enhancing mobility and performance.  She is passionate about providing self help tools and sessions to assist individuals in achieving optimal potential, improving quality of life and empowering greater choice through re-educating the mind and body.


Bel first developed her interest in the Alexander Technique at the age of eighteen. She developed this interest further with regular sessions before training as a teacher in 2002. She has been teaching the technique in South Wales since graduating in 2005 including to undergraduates at the University of Wales in Newport.   Bel has run holistic retreats for several years at a Heartspring Retreat Centre, Carmarthenshire and in the Gower South Wales as well as running courses around the Uk and Europe.


Alexander Technique teacher (three year training) at the Bristol Alexander Technique training school. Bel completed a three year training at the Bristol Alexander Technique training school in 2005, before going on to do a postgraduate work at the Fellside school in Kendal. Bel continues to update her training and feels very lucky to have worked with some renowned Alexander Technique teachers such as Rosa Louisa Rossi from Switzerland, Lucia and Elizabeth Walker -from Oxford and Kathy Madden from the US.
Bel trained as a Spinal Touch practitioner with Lightouch therapy training in Devon with Susanna Terry in 2012.


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