Welcome to Monmouth Natural Health Centre. We are here to help and support you.

The practitioners who are currently working at the Centre,  are:

Donna Calway  Counselling  07923 577764  receptivecounselling@gmail.com

Jeff Cross  Acupuncture  07722 357580  justajif@gmail.com  www.jeffcrossacupuncture.co.uk

Colin Biddle  Acupuncture  07790 317612 www.monmouthshireacupuncture.co.uk

Mark Kirwin  Counselling and Psychotherapy  01600 712857  markkirwin@btinternet.com

Liz Garnham  Counselling  07734 958517  liz.garnham100@gmail.com

Jo Song  Therapeutic and Pregnancy Massage,  Tai chi movements  07866 989483  01981 580220  jo.song@btinternet.com  www.josongmassagetherapy.co.uk 

Bel Spencer  Alexander Technique,  Spinal Touch Treatment  07942 816502  spencer.bel@gmail.com 

Stephanie Betschart  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy  07731 784254  stephanie@embodied-heart.co.uk  www.embodied-heart.co.uk

Sarah Merriam Pierce  The Feldenkrais Method  07709 213193  sarah.lesseffort@gmail.com www.feldenkraisbritain.co.uk

Beatriz Linhares Medical Herbalist, Traditional Chinese Herbalist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 07944 739586 contact@beatrizlinhares.co.uk   www.beatrizlinhares.co.uk


The MNHC phone number 01600 772622 is  no longer available. Therapists should be contacted directly on the numbers above.

You may also contact us via email at mnhcemail@gmail.com or by using the contact form.