Medical Herbalism


Western herbal medicine uses medicinal plants to heal, strengthen and detoxify the body. Herbal remedies are versatile and can be used in many forms: herb teas, pills, powders, tinctures or creams. It is useful in supporting a wide range of conditions such as:

  • Promoting energy and enhancing well being.
  • Immune system deficiencies which can lead to recurrent infections, allergies and some auto-immune conditions.
  • Digestive problems, elimination and absorption difficulties.
  • Hormonal imbalances and fertility difficulties in men and women as well as problems duringpregnancy or the menopause.
  • Respiratory and catarrhal conditions.
  • Circulatory problems and blood pressure
  • Emotional and stress related conditions.
  • Joint problems, arthritic conditions, osteoporosis.
  • Skin conditions in children, adolescents and adults.
  • Hair loss or hair growth problems.
  • Babies and children’s illnesses ranging from recurrent infections, catarrhal states, breathing difficulties, skin conditions, allergies and poor digestion.


Beatriz Linhares