Theta DNA Healing & Energy Reading

During an Energy Reading imbalances can be identified in your energy field. These imbalances can be at a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The overall energetic health of the body’s organs and the emotions that have been stored within them at cellular level can then be brought to into conscious awareness and receive healing.

Theta DNA Healing is a dynamic form of energy work. It has its roots in quantum physics as it seeks to alter the brain wave patterns of both the practitioner and the client to the Theta state. The THETA state is where we can access our subconscious beliefs, and more importantly, change them.

We all hold beliefs that everyday influence our health, our relationships, our careers and ultimately our souls passage through this life. For many of us, these subconscious beliefs can and do have a negative impact on our lives.

For example; a woman has tried every diet and exercise regime to lose weight, nothing has worked. When tested, she held a strong belief that she could never lose weight and be slim, so her body was just responding to her belief. One the belief was cleared (a simple technique using the practitioner as the witness and facilitator for the energy) she was able to lose weight and not re-gain it with ease.

A Theta DNA treatment can take place face to face or over the telephone. Current difficulties are shared and the limiting beliefs behind them explored and then released. Often the results of the treatment are instantaneous, healing can happen on all levels, without trauma and with lasting effects. Theta can help a wide range of difficulties, from back pain to infertility, excema to ME. It takes you to the place where the imbalance was created, and in a safe space allows it to be released.


Karen Carman BSc (Hons), DNN, DipC.Nut, DipA.E.T, S.A.C. Dip

Karen is a gifted intuitive, and has the ability to read a persons energy to support the skills acquired through her extensive training. She has over 14 years experience treating a wide range of difficulties and supporting change in people’s lives.

To expand her natural healing ability Karen became a Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher, running many training and healing related workshops. Alongside this completing a course in Thermo Auricular Therapy, (Hopi Ear Candles) Indian head massage and later, whilst in Thailand also trained in Thai Massage.

In 2001 Karen qualified as a Practitioner of Natural Nutrition, going on to then gain a further diploma with distinction in Child Nutrition and a diploma with credit in the Identification and Treatment of Allergic and Environmental Disorders from the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy.

More recently Karen was awarded NVQ Level 4 in Management, carried out foundation training in Kinesiology, achieved a diploma in Biochemical Tissue Salts and completed Advanced Practitioner training in Theta DNA Healing.

In 2008 she qualified as a counsellor and Women’s Health Practitioner which has enables her to offer specialist treatments for women.

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