Holistic Healthcare for Winter Wellbeing at Monmouth Natural Health Centre

Unlike the specializations of medicine, dentistry, and psychiatry, a holistic practitioner regards the whole body and mind as one closely integrated unit, and also, obviously, a person’s beliefs, their perceived direction in life and death, play a distinct role. Health is not just an absence of symptoms, it is that feeling of wellbeing, a bounce in the step, the delightful elasticity of a stretch, some little thing that makes you smile.

Health is also dealing with the problems that we face all the time. Irrespective of how careful you are, sooner or later, you will still receive a threatening non- payment letter. My mother in her 80s was panic stricken by receiving one such missive, not realising that she had already paid the sum by direct debit. Another harshly stressful pressure for the generally law abiding citizens is that it is probably impossible to go through life without breaking any law. Each little pulse of adrenaline received alike, from an unremembered demand notice, or a near miss in the car, has a cumulative effect; overworking some systems, causing anxiety and maybe sleeplessness.

If substances such as coffee and sugary snacks are inserted into this framework, they increase the stress effect on the mind and body, and if this continues, serious depletion results, affecting the basic metabolism and hormone balance. No one sided approach will sort such a fundamental problem, and it is clear that such a person will need all round support in order to make some lifestyle alterations.

Here at the Monmouth Natural Health Centre we have a variety of therapies and therapists, because it is as important to find someone that you can work with. Do talk to our experienced and sympathetic practitioners to help you make your choice.

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