Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy – in which people induce a hypnotic state guided by their practitioner – is a tool that can be used to gain access to the inner unconscious self which is the source of many of our problems as well as a tremendous reservoir of unrecognised potential.

Hypnosis is not sleep, but a state of altered and highly focused attention, and by learning how to attain a hypnotic state, people can gain control over what is happening in their bodies and defeat self-sabotaging patterns.

It is one of the oldest therapy techniques of all and is safe, natural and supportive.

Hypnotherapy and learning self-hypnosis can help with:

  • STOPPING smoking & addictions
  • CONTROLLING weight & hypertension
  • OVERCOMING fears, phobias, anxiety & panic
  • IMPROVING self confidence, work & sports performance
  • RELAXING away tensions, stress, anxiety
  • BREAKING habits such as nail-biting & teeth grinding
  • DIMINSHING & managing physical symptoms such as pain, irritable bowel, migraine & skin complaints


Nicola Schramm, Dip. Hyp.

These days how often do we hear the advice to ‘think positively’, the numerous books and affirmations that exist offering us the possibility to change our lives through our thinking? Good advice if we all have so much will power and the ability to consciously consistently monitor and control our thoughts enough in order to erase our negative thinking patterns. The reality with most people is that their thoughts control them.

When sitting alone, miserable, ill, or in financial difficulties and unhappy, how can you possibly, truly believe a positive affirmation. Consciously you may say it, but your unconscious is sabotaging your plans, still set with the old negative patterns. Many of us may have been ‘programmed’ negatively in our past. An example of this may be a teacher constantly saying ‘You’ll never amount to anything’, and our unconscious has absorbed this suggestion so that we are ‘unconsciously’ living out the negative expectations of others. The key is to change the patterns in our unconscious mind.

In our daily lives most people use about 10% of their conscious minds, while leaving the other 90% to the unconscious. Hypnosis is the tool, a bridge to the unconscious mind where enormous information-processing capabilities are stored. The unconscious doesn’t recognise the difference between reality and what is imagined. The imagination is much more powerful than will power and through hypnosis we offer the opportunity to release negative patterns and, reprogramme the unconscious to reach our true potential.

To be a truly good therapist one needs to have insights into others. Nothing provides this more than one’s own varied life experiences. My path in life has served me well in this respect, culminating with moving to Germany from the UK 14 years ago, to fulfil the most demanding part of this ‘life’s course’. Through this isolating period I was forced to be self-reliant and look deep within in order to gain strength to overcome many hardships. This time was the commencement of my studies which would eventually lead to me qualifying through Great Britain as a ‘Clinical Hypnotherapist’ and to acquiring my practical training in Germany with an expert Austrian Hypnotherapist, for whom I have great admiration. I have been fortunate to have the advantage of broadening my skills by having the opportunity of being able to work in both countries.

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