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nlp4kids‘NLP4kids’ uses a combination of safe and effective therapies with children and teenagers that help them learn how to take charge of their own thoughts, emotions and behaviour. NLP4Kids practitioners are specialists in working with children and young people using a form of therapy called NLP. This stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. “Neuro” relates to the brain and our nervous system and “linguistic” refers to language and how it is used inside the mind and out of the mouth, plus how we interpret body language. “Programming” describes the patterns and habits created, learnt and followed. Using NLP techniques and strategies, (which are adapted to be fun, safe and easy for children and teenagers to use), young people are offered the skills to think in new ways so that they feel in control and learn to understand the world from the perspective of others as well as their own. NLP is a cognitive form of therapy, with some parallels to CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy.) The therapy is effective in helping children overcome bad habits, behaviour problems, fears and self esteem problems as well as many other challenges.

A 60 minute consultation is offered for £10, which is then deducted from the 1st session price.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.


Brendan Dobrowolny BSc, NLP MPrac.

Brendan specialises in using NLP as a therapy for children, NLP4Kids, (from age 7) and young people experiencing problems such as low self esteem , lack of confidence, exam anxiety and also for a specific process (Empowering Learning™) that improves learning capability for Special Learning Difficulties (SpLD) not only for children but for adults too.

Brendan began an avid interest in NLP through Bath University’s Insitute for Lifelong Learning in 2005 and went on to gain a practitioners (2007) and Master practitoners (2008) certification through the International NLP Trainers Association. His Masters project was based in the Kalahari Desert, Africa where he observed and ‘modeled’ the parental behaviours and values of child raising in a remote tribes people called the ‘San’. Here, children grow to be self assured and confident adolescents having had very little need for parental discipline. These experiences form the core of Brendan’s beliefs that we too have the opportunites to raise our children as capable and confident individuals.

He is a licensed ‘NLP4kids’ practitioner having qualified to Master practitioner level in 2008 through the standards set by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) and he is also a qualified Empowering Learning™ coach.

Brendan is CRB checked, insured and taken relevant courses in safeguarding children and paediatric first aid.

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