Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an established 100 year old method for enhancing awareness and improving posture and movement. It teaches students to become more conscious of reactions, which are unwittingly causing tension and pain and disrupting natural balance. Students learn to recapture the ease and freedom of movement enjoyed in childhood.


Sally Ann Tottle MSTAT

Sally has been teaching Alexander Technique since 1987. She is an experienced horse-rider and published author, who became involved with the technique after a serious back injury. Sally specialises in teaching the Technique to riders, and has published numerous articles on her work with riders and horses. She has led courses both abroad and in the UK. Her book ‘Bodysense’ – Revolutionize Your Riding with the Alexander Technique, was first published in 1998. A revised and updated second edition was published in 2009. For more information see Sally’s website

Sally is available for appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays.



Colin Tully, B.Mus M.S.T.A.T.

Colin had his first Alexander Lessons in his native Glasgow, thirty five years ago. After completing his music degree and working as a musician for several years, he decided to train as an Alexander Teacher. Since completing the training in 1983 Colin has taught the Technique in Glasgow, Bristol and Monmouth. As well maintaining a private practice he was for some time teaching the Technique at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. For the past fifteen years he has taught at the Bristol Alexander Technique Training School (BATTSA).

‘After 28 years teaching the technique I continue to find it a fascinating process to work with. To guide a ‘pupil’ from a habitual pattern of response to a more consciously-chosen response can so often lead someone out of a morass of discomfort. In a fast-changing world we need to become more aware of how we move and respond, otherwise we run the risk of unconsciously being taken over by stiffness and undue muscular contraction within everyday activities.’

‘It was a privilege to be asked to take part in the recently published Back Pain Trial. (Results are published in The British Medical Journal. Colin worked in Bristol with several of the trial subjects and had some great success with reducing back pain. It is very gratifying that the Alexander Technique has finally received the positive acclaim it deserves and hopes many more ‘pain sufferers’ out there will be encouraged to give the Alexander Technique a go.’

Colin lives locally at The Hendre. He is available for appointments on Wednesday and Friday.

For more information visit Colin’s website